Club Spares List

Club Wide Spares List

We are attempting to set up a Club wide spares list for all members and all leagues. This will make it easier for more members to take advantage of our unlimited curling membership at the Heather. If you are interested in having your name on this list, please contact Brian Miller, who has volunteered to maintain the list. Please email Brian and provide your name, phone number and indicate which of the leagues from the following list you would like to spare in. You can do this easily by simply cutting and pasting your choices from the list below into your e-mail to Brian. He will then add you to the list for the draw times you have selected. Our target is to have a useful list published to all leagues by the end of October.

  • Mixed Sat 5:00 PM – Weakenders
  • Mixed Sun 1:30 PM – Knigts of Columbus
  • Open/Variety League – Tue 1-2PM
  • Seniors Mon 10:00 AM
  • Seniors Tue 10:00 AM
  • Seniors Wed 10:00 AM
  • Seniors Wed 1:00 PM
  • Commercial/Open Tue 5:45 PM
  • Commercial/Open Wed 5:45 PM
  • Commercial/Open Thu 5:45 PM
  • Men’s/Open Tue 8:15 PM
  • Men’s/Open Wed 8:15 PM
  • Men’s/Open Thu 8:15 PM
  • Masters Fri 10:00 AM
  • Masters Fri 1:00 PM

Weakenders: 2 Curlers Needed in 2nd or 3rd Position

Weakenders Mixed Curling League is a fun, social league for all skill levels, with teams and single players accepted. Included in your membership is a meet and greet night, turkey shoot, Christmas get together and a year-end windup.

If you’re looking for a friendly, easy-going weekend league, this is the place for you! We curl Saturdays at 5:00pm.

We are looking for 2 players to play 2nd or 3rd position.  

For more information, contact Marguerite.

New League: Mixed Doubles (Sun 4pm)



Come out and try this recently new format in curling.

You require only 2 players per team.

The game takes approximately one hour.

Same gender teams are welcome.

No additional cost to Heather Curling Club members.

For information and the rules on mixed doubles go to: or just google Mixed Doubles

To sign up for the league contact Sharon at ten.s1508830610tmym@1508830610lheib1508830610w1508830610



Tuesday Open Variety League ( 1 pm to 2 pm )


Why you want to join us!!!

– It is fun; open to all; no age limit
– Flexible (teams different every week so if you miss a day, no problem)
– Variety of games: 4 on 4; 3 on 3; or doubles
Games last only 1 hour1pm to 2pm )
– Kitchen and bar open
– Excellent for:
*stay at home parents needing a break
*shift workers
*workers with flexible hours
*people wanting to learn to curl
*people wanting to start curling again
*curlers wanting additional free practice time
*curlers wanting to try curling at different positions

Contact: Cyrille Durand
phone or text (204) 878-2583
email: moc.l1508830610iamg@1508830610dnaru1508830610dolyc1508830610

Heather Curling Club Membership Registration – September 21, 2017

Heather Curling Club 

Membership Registration

When: Thursday, September 21, 2017                  

Where: Heather Curling Club, 120 Youville Street (upstairs)

Time: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Purpose: Complete registration forms, pay fees, collect membership cards  and re-connect with fellow curlers

Payment Methods: on-line, credit, debit, cheque or cash

Snacks will be served and a pulled pork plate will be available for $3 for those wanting a quick dinner.

Hope to see you there!

Heather Senior Men Registration and Application 2017-18

Fellow Curlers,

League registration has commenced. Curling season starts following the Thanksgiving weekend. Skips will be notified of the exact time/dates.

Senior curlers must be retired or 55 years of age. Draw times are: Monday 10:00 a.m. (NEW); Tuesday 10:00 a.m.; Wednesday 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.

Curling fees are $325.00 per member and must be paid directly to the Heather Curling Club.

All members must be registered prior to the start of curling.

Please complete Senior Mens League Application form 2017-2018 and enclose any cheques for forwarding to the Heather if you have not already paid direct to them.

There may also be curlers that are interested in a regular curling spot. However, as sometimes turns out, there also may be a shortage of members for some teams. It is suggested that these interested individuals contact Ken Batt and they will be “slotted”, where possible, with a regular curling team.

With regards,

Al Sullivan
Tel. 204 255-1439

Women’s Evening League News

The Heather Women’s League offers a mix of recreation and competition. All skill levels are welcome. We play every Monday evening at 6:30 pm.

A representative of our league has the opportunity to represent the Heather Curling Club in the Traveler’s Curling Championship (formerly known as the Dominion Club Championship) every spring.

Please join us. Openings for teams and single players looking to join a team are available for the 2017-18 season. Contact Therasa Hunt (Membership) for more information.

Openings in Men’s and Commercial Leagues (open format) for 2017-2018 Season

Openings in Men’s and Commercial Leagues (open format) for 2017-2018 Season

We have two weekday evening leagues that were traditionally men’s leagues. Note that we are now open format leagues accepting men’s team, women’s teams and mixed teams. The Commercial League has a 5:45PM draw time on Tue, Wed, Thu and the Heather Men’s League follows at 8:15PM on each of the three nights.

Openings for Individuals


  • 5:45PM draw has openings
  • 8:15PM draw is full


  • 5:45PM draw has openings
  • 8:15PM draw is full


  • 5:45PM draw has openings
  • 8:15PM draw is full

2017 Men’s League Membership Survey Results

This report documents the results form the survey of the Men’s League in the spring of 2017. Note that there was a separate survey of the Club’s membership, the results of which were reported in the Club’s spring newsletter.

The Men’s League survey was comprised of six questions and was sent to all registered members in the league for whom we had valid email addresses. The survey was sent to 175 members, of which 3 opted out and 79 responded, for a response rate of 45%.

Q1– This past season we curled regular season games between Christmas and New Year’s Eve for the first time. While more spares than normal were used that week, only one game was not played because of a lack of curlers. Looking forward to the coming season, are you in favour of curling between Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

  • 58.2% were not if favour of curling that week
  • 24.1% it didn’t matter either way
  • 17.7% were in favour of curling that week
  • It is worth noting that from a Club perspective, operating that week means the Club has extra dates available at the end of the season for booking more bonspiels and banquets

Q2 – One of the questions on this year’s Club membership survey was in relation to a policy for spares. Since 62% if the respondents indicated each league should have a policy rather than a Club wide policy, we need your input.

  • The most popular choices indicate that having a formal policy requiring spares to be members is not desired
  • Similarly, having a penalty or drop-in fee for non-member spares is undesirable
  • Providing the membership with a more comprehensive spares list and communicating the list more effectively would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, an up to date list maintained via links on the website would be the easiest way to communicate a need for a spare

Q3 – For you to take advantage of the unlimited curling with your membership, what could the Club do to get you out curling more often?

  • Majority of responses suggested there wasn’t anything in particular that the Club could do to increase member curling frequency because of their other commitments to family & work or are just once-per-week curlers
  • Numerous members were interested in sparing, so wider publication of spares list would help
  • Promoting open ice times would be useful
    • some members would come in for practice ice while others would be interested in challenge games
    • open ice times need to be posted on the website and indicate how to obtain the ice time i.e. email link or phone number for ice maker
    • definite interest for practice ice at noon or after work
  • Promoting the other leagues to all Club members could entice a few to join other leagues

Q4 – On weekdays, the Club would like to have two draws each evening, with a full complement of teams for each draw. We lose teams though if the early draw starts too early, and similarly we lose teams if the late draw starts too late. Review the list of possible draw times below and indicate which is the best time for you, the earliest you could start and the latest start time that you would tolerate.

  • Note that we are not looking to have split draw times or alternating draw times. The Commercial League is the earlier draw and the Men’s League is the later draw. The draw times for the past several seasons were 5:30/8:00 on Tue & Thu and 5:45/8:15 on Wed.
  • In order to have two evening draws, without starting too early or finishing too late, the early draw would have to start between 5:30-6:30 and the late draw would have to start between 8:00-9:00
  • Overwhelmingly, the value to our membership is in the fixed night with fixed draw time and being able to get off the ice not too late. Many other clubs in the city have alternating draw times, such as 7:00 and 9:15. Getting off the ice after a 9:15 game can be a bit too late for people that have to work early the next day
  • Only 6 members (10% of respondents) could not curl earlier than an 8PM draw time
  • Most members prefer their current draw times
  • The majority of members (75% of respondents) would not curl in a draw starting after 8:30
  • Based on discussions at the Men’s banquet, a standardized draw time of 8:15 PM would be acceptable if it helps the Commercial League. The consensus was an extra 15 minutes to get from work to the Club would be for the early draw would be more significant that getting of the ice 15 minutes later on the late draw
  • Many of the members (40% of the respondents) could curl in the earlier draw time slot

Q5 – Traditionally, the Men’s League has had a 20 game regular season, starting right after Thanksgiving, comprised of four rounds, with the winner of each  round making it into the group playoffs. As well, the grand aggregate winners from each night and one or more wildcard teams play in the Club Championship playoffs. Since the playoffs are usually around the time of the school spring break, teams eligible for the playoffs often have to give up their spots because they can’t field a team. Under this system all teams are guaranteed 20 games and  3/4 of the teams get at least 1 playoff game. Review the following options for next season and rank them in your preferred order.

  • Most members don’t want any changes (63% ranked this as first or second choice)
  • Some would like to start earlier so as to avoid spring break (51% ranked this as first or second choice)
  • Providing all teams with a playoff game was popular (47% ranked this as first or second choice) – perhaps expanded use of challenge games.
  • Shorter season and group prize going to last round winner were unpopular (only 19% ranked either of these as first or second choice)


Q6 – Please add any additional comments that you have that relate to the Men’s League at the Heather Curling Club.

  • Numerous comments about the early end to the curling season this year
  • Some complaints about fees for lockers and for 5th man
  • Several comments about the food and beverage service
  • A few fundraising ideas such has a hockey draft or putting on a bonspiel

For any questions, clarifications or comments about the above survey results, please contact Alan Forbes