Heather Curling Club

of Winnipeg

Emplyoyment Opportunities at The Heather....

The Heather Curling Club, located in Winnipeg, is seeking applicants for the position of Club
Manager and/or Ice Technician.  (Employment Opportunity Details)


2 Person Stick Curling - The Heather is continuing this initiative by advertising for registrations for a new league, starting next winter.  If you want to learn the game or a seasoned veteran and would like to help with this growing sport please contact the club.  Details regarding proposed 2 Person Stick Curling league here. 


Fun, Competition and Relaxation

Find it all...  at the Heather

The Heather Curling Club in the past thirty years has become a multi-purpose venue. It is a busy winter season with curling and rental of its smaller hall (up to 150 people).  With 8 sheets of ice, The Heather provides ample room for briers and other special curling events.

In the summer season the Heather remains open for hall rentals, including both its smaller hall (150 people) and its rink-sized hall (up to 600 people).  During Winnipeg's summer-time Folklorama, the Heather hosts both the Pavilions for Brazil and India

The Heather has food, licensed beverages and its own catering services.


The Heather Curling Club celebrates its 100th Birthday in 2016!!